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For an introduction to the application and use of Certified Reference Materials in absorption spectrophotometry

Toluene in Hexane (265 – 270 nm)

A solution of toluene in hexane is the most widely used reference for qualifying the Spectral Bandwidth (SBW) of a UV spectrophotometer. It is accepted for this purpose by most Pharmacopoeias and Standardisation Bodies, including:

European Pharmacopoeia 
Deutsches Arzneibuch (German Pharmacopoeia). 
United States Pharmacopoeia 
American Society for Testing and Materials 
Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia) 
British Pharmacopoeia

It can be used with spectrophotometers having spectral bandwidths of 3 nm or less.

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Toluene In Methanol (265 – 270 nm)

This reference is described in the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) for Use as a resolution check in Derivative Spectroscopy.

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Benzene Vapour (230-270 nm)

This reference is useful as a resolution check for instruments with spectral bandwidths less than 1 nm. Benzene vapour has characteristic peaks that may or may not be displayed, dependent upon the actual SBW of the instrument.

Note: Benzene vapour is not suitable for use with photodiode array spectrophotometers. 

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