The life sciences have special requirements for instrument and method validation. In genomics and pharmaceutical chemistry,limitations in sample availability and the very high cost of some reagents have led to the need to measure very small sample volumes. The need for high sample throughput is another pressure and has led to the development of highly automated procedures. The analytical equipment developed to meet these demands may not be compatible with conventional cell- or filter-based reference materials. This is, however, one of the most heavily regulated fields in science, so reliable and traceable reference materials are a fundamental component of any quality programme, and essential for meeting guidelines such as GLP and GMP.

Starna has developed a range of reference materials tailored to the special needs of this important sector.

This is a rapidly developing field, and Starna is ideally placed to assist with the development of reference materials for use in novel applications. Please contact us with your requirements.


A reliable, stable and NIST traceable reference  for the validation of nucleic acid purity measurements by the 260/280 nm ratio method.

DNACON Microvolume References

Starna can supply DNACON specially packaged for the qualification of dedicated drop technology and other low volume instrumentation. and also ideal for qualifying conventional instruments used with ultra- low volume cells such as the Starna  DMV-Bio cell. 

Starna Green Microvolume References

General purpose qualification of microvolume measurements for both wavelength and absorbance

Drug Photostability Testing Kit

Assists compliance with the International Conference of Harmonisation's Q1B stability testing guidelines. Quinine is used as an Actinometry Standard.