Starna Scientific Limited is the headquarters of the internationally recognised group of Starna® companies, enjoying a worldwide reputation for quality, service and reliability in the manufacture and supply of spectrophotometer cells, optical components and Certified Reference Materials.

All manufacturing processes are carried out in the Starna Scientific Ltd, ISO 9000 certified, production facility. This includes the design and development of end user products, through to customised production machinery. The unique blend of in house skills include: cutting, slicing, grinding, polishing, drilling, ultrasonic drilling and heat fusing; metallic, multi-layer and anti-reflection coating in one of several coating plants; in addition an accredited wet chemistry and calibration laboratory for Certified Reference Materials provides a complete, vertically integrated production process.

During the manufacturing processes special care is taken to avoid contamination by the use of stringent cleaning techniques. Together with mandatory inspection procedures these cleaning techniques ensure that all products leave the factory in a pristine contamination-free condition, with an unconditional guarantee against defects. Special treatment of flow cells also reduces bubble adhesion, which is of particular importance in virtually all flow cell applications.

The Starna Scientific UKAS accredited ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 Calibration and Certified Reference Material production laboratory, operates under the highest level of accreditation possible for Certified Reference Materials, with full traceability to the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and other National Metrological Laboratories (NMI’s), where applicable.

The unparalleled combination of over forty years of manufacturing, application skills and production experience in permanently heat-sealing liquid references, together with extensive data collection, permits full traceability throughout the whole production process. In combination with four fully qualified reference spectrophotometers, this puts Starna Scientific in a unique position as a, much valued partner and supplier, to instrument manufacturers, dealers and retail customers worldwide.