This design is used by several instrument manufacturers as a quantum counter to determine spectral response factors, and thereby calculate ‘corrected’ fluorescence spectra.

Description and Discussion

High concentration of Rhodamine B in an organic solvent. The solution is permanently heat-sealed into a triangular high quality far UV quartz cell.  In use, a small proportion of the spectrofluorometer excitation radiation is directed on to the front surface of the quantum counter. The cell is designed to provide unity quantum conversion, i.e. one-to-one excitation to emission, so the resulting fluorescence is directly proportional to the intensity of the excitation radiation. This fluorescence is measured by a photomultiplier and the resulting data can be used to calculate spectral response factors, and hence ‘corrected’ spectra. The usable range is 220 nm – 580 nm, and across this range the absorbance profile is almost completely flat. At the emission maximum of Rhodamine B (630 nm) the emission should be independent of the excitation wavelength.


Catalogue Number

  Catalogue Number
Starna Rhodamine Quantum Counter Cell  4-TB/RHB