These references are designed for the routine performance qualification of fluorescence spectrophotometers and fluorimeters. They can be used in both continuous-source and flash-source instruments and are available in a variety of physical formats, suitable for use in conventional spectrofluorometers or for specialist applications such as microscopy or PCR.

Description and Discussion

 Polymer doped with organic fluorescent compounds with excitation and emission characteristics across the visible and NIR wavelengths. 

This wide spectral range allows the user to select a reference material with broadly similar spectral properties to those of the analyte, ensuring a spectral overlap and measurable signals without changing important parameters such as slit widths and wavelength settings. The fluorescent materials are contained in a solid polymer matrix so solvent evaporation cannot occur and as they do not suffer from photodecomposition or “bleaching” under typical conditions, these references exhibit excellent long-term stability. 


Starna Fluorescence Series Typical Emission Spectra


Compound Peak Excitation Wavelength  (nm) Excitation Range (nm) Peak Emission Wavelength (nm) Excitation Range (nm)
Starna Fluorescence Blue 378 280 - 420 427 380 - 510
Starna Fluorescence Green 476 380 - 500 485 460 -590
Starna Fluorescence Orange 532 420 - 550 534 510 - 640
Starna Fluorescence Red 579 470 - 620 593 550 - 690
Starna Fluorescence IR1 668 580 - 700 670 640 - 770

These materials can be supplied with Certified Spectra for Spectral Correction traceable to the NIST SRM 294X (X = 0 to 4) series. Two materials (Starna Fluorescent Green and Orange) can be made traceable to NIST SRM 1932 (Fluorescein) for Calibrated Intensity at some wavelengths:

Starna Fluorescence Blue NIST SRM 2943 (Cu)  
Starna Fluorescence Green NIST SRM 2941 & 2943 (U & Cu) NIST SRM 1932 (Fluorescein)
Starna Fluorescence Orange NIST SRM 2940 & 2941 (Mn & U) NIST SRM 1932 (Fluorescein)
Starna Fluorescence Red NIST SRM 2940 & 2944 (Mn & Bi)  
Starna Fluorescence IR1 NIST SRM 2940 & 2944 (Mn & Bi)  

¹Certification suitable for scanning instruments only.
2 Calibration at specified wavelengths only, which can be customer specified, and only valid for standard block format materials. Typical spectra are given below.

Typical spectra



Catalogue Number


Compound CATALOGUE number1
(standard block format)
CATALOGUE number2.
(microscope slide format)
Set of 5 SF Series polymer blocks and blank 5SF  
Starna Fluorescence Blue RM-SFB RMM-SFB
Starna Fluorescence Green RM-SFG RMM-SFG
Starna Fluorescence Orange RM-SFO RMM-SFO
Starna Fluorescence Red RM-SFR RMM-SFR
Starna Fluorescence IR1 RM-SFIR1 RMM-SFIR1
Blank PMMA block  5SF-BLK  

1 These catalogue numbers relate to polymer blocks in standard rectangular cell format (12.5 mm x 12.5 mm x 45 mm). For other formats please contact Starna at sales@starna.com
2 These catalogue numbers relate to polymer discs (10 mm diameter) secured in a metallic microscope slide.