Used to determine the fluorescence quantum yield of a substance. 

Description and Discussion

Solution of Rhodamine 101 in ethanol, sealed by heat fusion in to a high quality far-UV fluorometer cell, and supplied with an ethanol blank cell The fluorescence quantum yield of a sample (ΦF) is the ratio of photons absorbed to photons emitted through fluorescence. This reference has a quantum yield of 1.0 at 25°C. By measuring the fluorescence emission of a sample with similar absorbance characteristics as the reference, and under the same conditions of measurement, the quantum yield of the sample can be determined. The working excitation range is 450 to 465 nm and emission range 550 to 650 nm. The blank-corrected absorbance of this solution is below the level recommended in the literature to avoid internal filter effects.  


Catalogue Number

  Catalogue Number
Starna Rhodamine 101 Quantum Yield reference  RM-RH101