This Reference Material can be used to estimate the Stray Light (Stray Radiant Energy) of Near Infrared spectrophotometers at approximately 2365 nm.


Description and Discussion

This reference material consists of spectroscopic grade chloroform, permanently sealed by heat fusion in a high quality far UV quartz cell. Heat sealing the cell in this way virtually eliminates the risks associated with handling this volatile, hazardous substance.

The spectrum shows a cut - off (i.e. Absorbance >2.0A) at approximately 2365 nm. Any light detected within ± 20 nm of this wavelength will be stray light.

Note: This assumes that the measurement has been performed on a NIR spectrophotometer with appropriate resolution, i.e. at the spectral bandwidth set on the instrument the wavelength distribution at 2365 nm does not exceed ± 20 nm. If this does occur, the stray light will be over-estimated.

The certified cut-off wavelength is the wavelength at approximately 2400 nm at which the absorbance value exceeds 2.00 A

Typical spectra



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Chloroform Stray Light Cell