Polystyrene film has been a popular wavelength reference for mir-infrared spectrometers for many years. These NIST-traceable Starna Reference Materials can be used to qualify Mid IR - FTIR spectrophotometers for wavelength accuracy over the range 3.2 µm to 18.5 µm (3125 cm-1 to 540 cm-1). One version can also be used in the NIR region, from 1.1 µm to 3.3 µm 8800 cm-1 to 3000 cm-1 (8800 cm-1 to 3000 cm-1 )
Starna reference RM-1921/38 consists of a 38µm polystyrene film mounted in a card holder.




14 certified peaks are available for wavelength qualification purposes in the Mid-IR

Approximate peak wavelength values (in cm-1) are:
539, 842, 907, 1028, 1069, 1155, 1583,1601, 1943, 2849, 3001, 3026, 3060, and 3082.

The absorption minima and maxima at A and B, C and D can be used to qualify resolution according to pharmacopoeia requirements (EP/JP/USP).

An alternative version, RM-1921/65 has a film thickness of 65 µm and in addition to the NIST-traceable peaks in the Mid-Infrared, also has useful peaks in the Near-Infrared:



Approximate wavelength values are:

cm-1 3064 3647 4039 4250 4335 4608 5952 8749
nm 3264 2742 2476 2353 2307 2170 1680 1143



A Certificate of Calibration and Traceability and full instructions for use are provided with each Reference Material. Starna Scientific is accredited to both ISO 17034 (4001) as a Reference Material producer, and ISO/IEC 17025 (0659) as a Calibration Laboratory for optical reference measurements. Starna offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all its Reference Materials.