This Reference Material can be used to qualify the wavelength calibration, in the Near Infrared region of the spectrum (900 nm - 2600 nm) of spectrophotometers with spectral bandwidths of 5 nm or less.


Description and Discussion

This reference material consists of a proprietary organic matrix (TS5), permanently sealed by heat fusion in a high quality far UV quartz cell. It is available in two formats:
14 certified peaks are available for wavelength qualification purposes

Approximate peak wavelength values (in nm) are: 991, 1155, 1447, 1652, 1693, 1861, 1948, 2060, 2111, 2248, 2353, 2373, 2385, 2536


Typical spectra


Note: The above values are for guidance only. Because the absorption bands are asymmetric, measured values will bespectral bandwidth dependent. The Calibration Certificateaccompanying each Starna NIR Reference gives actual values measured at bandwidths of 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00 and5.00 nm, and only these certified values should be used for instrument qualification. On request, Starna can provide certified values at other wavelengths and bandwidth values.



Catalogue Number

  Catalogue Number 

Near Infrared Wavelength Reference Cell