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For an introduction to the application and use of Certified Reference Materials in absorption spectrophotometry


This material can be used to verify the photometric linearity of HPLC UV detectors (that can accommodate conventional UV cells) in compliance with published with HPLC qualification protocols 

Description and Discussion

Five solutions of Propyl Parabenz in methanol, in 10mm UV quartz cells that have been permanently sealed by heat fusion.

The use of Propyl Parabenz solutions in methanol for the validation of HPLC DAD detector linearity is well documented. Preparing these solutions in the laboratory can have hazards due to the volatility and toxicity of the methanol. Permanently heat sealed cells effectively isolate the operator from these problems.

The spectrum of propyl parabenz, when prepared in methanol, has an absorbance peak at 257 nm. Within the concentration range 5-30 mg/l, if the absorbance scale of a narrow bandwidth (<5 nm) UV detector is linear, the apparent absorbance of a series of concentrations measured at these peaks will be a linear function of concentration.

Typical spectra


Absorbance values are certified at 257 nm for concentrations of 5,10, 20, 25 and 30 mg/l, when measured against the supplied methanol blank



Catalogue Number

  Catalogue Number 

Starna Propyl Parabenz HPLC linearity set

5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 mg/land methanol blank cell