Cyclohexane Wavelength Reference (380 cm-1 – 3000 cm-1)

Wavelength qualification of Raman spectrometers. Cited in ASTM 1840- 96 (2014)

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This reference material may be used to qualify the wavelength scale of Raman Spectrometers between 380 cm-1 and 3000 cm-1. It is cited for this purpose in ASTM E1840 - 96(2014).


Description and Discussion

Reagent grade cyclohexane, permanently sealed by heat fusion into a 10 mm quartz cuvette.

Compared to atomic emission lines, Raman shift standards offer an easier-to-use alternative for qualifying the wavelength scale of Raman Spectrometers. They are also independent of laser frequency. The Raman shift values for cyclohexane have been accurately measured and it is widely used as a reference material. The permanently sealed cuvette eliminates the hazards associated with handling this volatile,toxic and highly flammable material. Using an excitationwavelength of 514.5 nm, 11 shift values covering a range from 384.1 to 2938.3 cm-1 can be identified.



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Starna Cyclohexane Cell