Q. What is the useable aperture of the DMV-Bio Cell, i.e. what is the maximum tolerable light beam?

A.  The DMV-Bio Cell has a simple optical configuration, similar to a 'normal' cuvette, and for this reason will work with a wide variety of optical configurations and geometries.

The simpler 'bio' type instruments that have a smaller dynamic range tend to have a very focused beam which passes through the aperture.
When placed in these systems the DMV-Bio Cell will attenuate the beam typically by less than 0.2 A.

The more expensive 'pharma' spectrophotometers tend to have a larger beam image, and therefore the cell will attenuate the beam slightly more. However, we would expect this attenuation to still be less than 1.0 A. However, by definition these more expensive, higher quality systems have a larger dynamic range, and are therefore able to cope with this slight reduction in energy.

Therefore, the optical beam profile should not be an issue when using the DMV-Bio Cell in any system.