Laser Beam Splitter
Beam splitter's are optical device to split a beam of light in two. as from the model below it can be seen as a cube, made from two triangular prisms which are glued together at their base half of the incident light is directed through one "port" (i.e. face of the cube) reflected the other half is transmitted.
  Laser Beam Splitter
  Standard Custom
Flatness Lambda/2 Lambda/10
Surface Quality 60 - 40 20 - 10
Roof angle ± 5 arc Sec ± 2 arc Sec
Angle ± 3 min ± 5 arc Sec
Dimensions Tolerance ± 0.15 ± 0.01
Dimensions Available 1.5 mm to 150mm 1.5 mm to 150mm
Coatings Available on request